HARO and WAMY delivered Food, clothes and Milk Powder to IDPs.

The two nonprofit organizations, HARO and WAMY delivered aid to more than 450 internally displaced persons (IDPs) families in Mogadishu. The aid consisted of Food, clothes and packets of milk powder on thursday of May 3rd.

Some of the people which the aid has reached thanked HARO and WAMY for their effort and they welcomed these types of aid. The president of HARO, Ali Haji Abdinur was in the middle of the distribution, which occurred in Wadajir.

The families that benefited this aid welcomed this step and emphasized that the aid was brought to them the time they needed the most. Some of the people were disabled and hand amputated elders. The officials of the two organizations mentioned that the cloth came from outside of the country but the food was already in Mogadishu and was given to the most needy.

“We would like to thank the organizations for delivering this aid to us. They brought it to us the time we needed it the most” said by right hand amputated elderly man. The aid was distributed evenly to the people, they were given five items of clothes, 50 kg of rice and two packets or 1800 kg of milk powder.

This was not the first time these organizations brought humanitarian relief to Mogadishu but previously, they brought a lot of food and materials for shelter. In another news, HARO has started intensive courses for two days seminar for the high school students of Banadir region. They are being taught how to respond to all emergency incidents and more than 60 students are benefiting these courses.