About Us

Humanitarian African Relief Organization (Haro) is US based non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing humanitarian relief and development throughout horn of Africa. Our organization’s principles are solely based on humanitarian and development vision.


Ali Haji Abdinur


Ali Abdinur has more than twenty years of nonprofit organization management experience. He first started working with Somali Community of San Diego in 1992 as one of the Board of the Directors. He started new campaigns for the organization to further the purpose of serving the community. He later became part of Amana Foundation and held the position of Executive Director. He worked rigorously to accomplish the mission and vision of Amana Foundation until 2004 when he started his own business in the import/export industry. Because he was disturbed by the condition of his fellow countrymen in particular the children and women of Somalia that he then decided to start HARO (Humanitarian African Relief Organization) in 2007. HARO is US based non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing humanitarian relief and development throughout horn of Africa. Since the inception of HARO, Ali Abdinur has helped raise thousands of dollars in order to accomplish the mission of HARO which is to empower the needy and the indigent to make informed and healthy choices to counter the social and economic problems endemic in parts of Somalia and East Africa, by presenting helpful awareness, effective education, and assistance in the form of food, shelter, and medicine.

Bashir M. Hassan


Bashir Hassan; has worked in the medical field for last fifteen years in different capacity; On 2003, Bashir has completed AS degree in Cardiovascular Technology at Grossmont College, Elcajon City, CA. In 2010, he completed undergraduate degree in Public Health at San Diego State University, and Masters in Healthcare Administration from Capella University at Minnesota. Bashir worked as Phlebotomist, Medical Assistant, EKG Tech, Telemetry Tech, Vascular Technologist ( Registered as a (Vascular Tech) at American Registered Medical Diagnostic Sonography (ARMDS). Bashir currently is an administrator of small, privately owned Home Healthcare Company in San Diego, California. Beside his professional job, Bahir have worked with many non-profit, community based organizations, including Humanitarian African Relief Organization (HARO). Bashir is co-founder of HARO, and since its inception in 2007,He works with this grassroots organization. Bashir is passionate person, who likes to support others in any capacity. Bashir is active board member and secretary for HARO.



Abdulqadir Abdirahman


HARO works in many places in Somalia but the capital City (Mogadishu) is where our branch located.
The office is at CITY OF BULAHUBEY and ZOBE ST.
The board of Directors:
1. Abdulqadir Abdirahman Khalif (Regional Chairman)
2. Bakar Haji Omar (Secretary)
3. Abdullahi Abdulle (Treasury)


Farah Hassan Buul


Board of Directors:
1. Ali Abdinur (Chairman)
2. Farah Hassan Buul (Secretary)
3. Hassan Mohamed (Treasury)
4. Ezra Mwabe (Project Manager)