Humanitarian Missions

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  • Iftar Project Mogadishu 2015

    Hay’adda Humanitarian African Relief Organization (HARO) ayaa Sakaatul Fidri ah ka Qaybisay Gobolka Banaadir gaar ahaan Degmooyinka Wadajir iyo Hodan.
  • Udhiya/Qurbani 2015

    Hay’ada Humanitarian African Relief Organization (HARO) oo inta badan ku howlan Taageeridda Dadka Tabaaleysan, ayaa Waxay soo Gaba-gabeysay barnaamij hilbo-qaybin ah ee ciidul-Adxa ee Sannadka 1436 H/2015 M, waxayna Barnaamijkaas ka fulisay Magaalada Baydhabo.

Here in Minnesota, where the headquarters of HARO are based, temperatures have reached new lows. In fact, this weekend we are expecting -22 degrees. It’s amazing to look outside and see a sea of white. It’s even more amazing how we only experience the cold when we step outside. Our heaters are on full blast, so much so that we can wear shirts and shorts inside and be fine. Not only do most of us have the comfort and luxury of shelter and protection from nature’s forces, we also have access to clean water, ample food and endless opportunities in terms of education and work. Now let’s take a trip to the other side of the world. To the Horn of Africa. To Somalia. In the city of Mogadishu, an orphan sits outside with hands out waiting for a merciful heart to take pity. In ...